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Versatile and strikingly appealing, wooden wine racks are the most popular type of wine racks for the home. With a variety of stains, finishes and styles, from simple wooden wine racks to custom, modern wine racks. There are countless selections to choose from. Wine racks that are wall mounted, or on your counter, are also popular and functional to store your wine!

New Wooden Wine Racks

Popular Wine Racks Available Today

Wood wine racks come in a variety of types and styles suiting almost every need and personal sense of style. There are both large and counter top racks that are just that, racks that hold your wine and do nothing more. However, there are also wooden wine shelves that can hold your wine and also add attractiveness and usefulness to your homes décor.

Stands with racks built into them are becoming increasingly popular as these stand / racks usually have a top that you use as a miniature bar for pouring your wine and often even drawers for keeping things like corkscrews and other small items right at your finger tips. Some even have table tops and storage bins, while others may even have their own cutting board for those occasional wine and cheese parties. These stand wine racks are a great way to store your wine properly while adding a bit of usefulness and attractiveness to your home décor.

Buying Wine Racks

Wine racks come in various sizes. From small wine racks that can hold one or two bottles to those that can hold thousands. Small or medium sized racks work fine for your home collection while for commercial purposes large sized racks are required. Depending on your choice, wine racks can cost anything between USD$20 and $1000.

When shopping for wood wine racks you will want to purchase one that is attractive and designed to hold the number of bottles of wine you want to keep on hand while considering your homes décor and your own personal sense of style. Always remember that when looking for a nice rack to store your wine, you can often find just what you are looking for Online often for a better price than you will find in local stores and nothing is more enjoyable as having the perfect wine storage at a great price, unless you are sipping a great bottle of wine.

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